Heartland Workers Center’s Rock the Block for Democracy Brings Together North Omaha Community to Get Out the Vote in Preparation for the May 15 Elections

What: In advance of Douglas County’s May 15 primary elections, Heartland Workers Center is hosting North Omaha community members for a civic engagement celebration. Attendees will receive information about upcoming elections, the voting process and candidate profiles. The center’s objective is to educate voters about the voting process, so they are able to participate and make informed decisions during elections.

Who: Attendance is open to the public. Heartland Workers Center organizers, volunteers and grassroots community leaders will host guests throughout the event.

When: Saturday, May 12, 3 to 5 p.m.

Where: Heartland Workers Center Office, 2505 N. 24th St., Omaha, NE

Why: The Nebraska Secretary of State predicted 28 percent of registered voters will participate in the May 15 primary election. Seeking to increase turnout, HWC organizers and volunteers continue to go door-to-door to in North and South Omaha neighborhoods, visiting with community members about the voting process, and primary and general elections. Through this campaign, organizers and volunteers have contacted 1,605 North Omaha households and 1,643 South Omaha households.

“My mom has been eligible to vote for six years now, but never voted before because she was not informed about how to vote or how the process goes. But then someone from the Heartland Workers Center came to our house, and that is when my mom realized she should vote,” said Kelly Enriquez, South Omaha resident.

Visuals: Voter education activities.

The Heartland Workers Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life of Latino/ immigrant workers by promoting leadership development, workers’ rights, and civic engagement through legal information sharing, training, and organizing. Heartland Workers Center is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization, and does not support or endorse any candidate or political party.