Heath Mello formally files for Mayoral Run; Calls for Vision in City Hall

Omaha, NE. Today, Heath Mello formally filed for election in his bid to become Omaha’s next Mayor, saying he will bring a vision and vibrancy to City Hall.

In his remarks after filing, the former State Senator from South Omaha said that Omaha deserves better than the status quo. As Mayor, he will live his value by working to build a better city for today and tomorrow.

“Growing up, I learned the values of hard work, responsibility, honesty, and the ability to finish the job,” Mello said. “My parents worked hard to make sure I could be the first in our family to go to college after high school and pursue the opportunities they dent’s have.

“As a father myself now, I want to practice what my parents taught me so that my own children have a better life. I want my kids, and all kids to live in a city that provides opportunity and the space for them to reach their full potential.”

As a candidate for Mayor, Mello has established offices in North, South and West Omaha to reach voters in different parts of the city. Further, Mello has broken fundraising records by outraising any other Omaha mayoral challenger in recent history.

Mello turned in more than 2,000 petition signatures to file for election, noting the momentum is building among his supporters.

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