By Yolanda Estrada Fuentes
This is the story of a five year old boy named Emilio. He had just finished Kinder-Garden. When his first tooth came out he showed it to his mother and she said: “Put it under your pillow and the Tooth Fairy will give you some money”
At night he put the tooth under his pillow and went to sleep. The next morning he woke up and looked under the pillow, but there was no money and the tooth was still there.
His mother had forgotten to put the money under the pillow and to pick up the tooth. She told him that probably his head was so heavy that the Tooth Fairy couldn’t move the pillow.
The next night the mother came into Emilio’s room and she saw he was sleeping on the floor. She put under the pillow five one-dollar bills, picked up the tooth and put him into his bed.
The next morning, when he woke up, his Mother heard a shout of joy and she asked how much money the Tooth Fairy left him. He showed her only a one-dollar bill.
Emilio’s Mother was very surprised and she didn’t know what to do.- She couldn’t say that the Tooth Fairy had left five dollars because supposedly nobody knew. Emilio had hidden four dollar bills in his school backpack. So Emilio’s Mother said: “It can’t be possible. Are you sure? I think the Tooth Fairy made a mistake” I’m sure! Said Emilio.
The mother phoned her husband secretly, and told him what had happened.
When the father came home the mother said Emilio: “Tell dad what happened” and he told him the story. The father said: “I’m going call the Tooth Fairy. I think it is a big mistake because he never left your older sister only one dollar”
-“The Tooth Fairy doesn’t have a phone number” said Emilio.- “Sure he has” said the father and showed him his phone with the name of Tooth Fairy and a fake number.
Before the father could make the phone call, Emilio admitted that he had hidden four dollars on his backpack because they never gave him more than a half dollar to spend at school.
When his mother asked him why he had slept on the floor, he said: “Because my head is too heavy and the Tooth Fairy is very small”
Of course Emilio was punished with ten days without his Tablet, and they gave him only one dollar to spend each day at school.


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